Third Grade Mermaid and the Narwhals

  • 2 min read

by Peter Raymundo

Join Cora on her new adventure with Narwhals. The start of her adventure is when her teacher asks her to enter a writing contest about the best thing she has ever done.  Earlier in the day, Cora read a story she had about narwhals.  There is a girl in her class that challenges her to prove narwhals are real. This starts her new adventure.

What I like about the third grade mermaid series is Cora and her adventures. They are a fun read. For me they are book candy but for other third graders, they would be the perfect read.  Kids want to believe in mermaids and narwhals and all kinds of underwater adventures.

I would recommend these books to kids who have great imaginations. They can use it to see the world better.  Kids  just need to believe in something silly sometimes.

The publisher provided me with an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest book review.

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