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By Elizabeth Rose Stanton

Bub is a monster who lives with parents, his big sister and his little sister. His parents can’t pick a name for the little sister, his big sister is bossy and well, he feels forgotten. So he disappears. But he fixes it with his family.

I liked that this book how a couple things can get in the way of one thing. It shows how it feels to be forgotten. Families can be busy but they do always have time for you.

I am not sure about the bossy big sister. (Little Brother note: I think big sister’s are bossy) . Mom says this book is very much what being the middle sibling feels like. She is between two brothers. She says big brothers are bossy too.

I think kids with siblings should read this, especially ones with older siblings or middle kids. It might help older siblings realize their younger sibling thinks they are bossy. (Bridget admissions: I can be bossy)

Oh and the book never actually gives you the baby’s name. I would name her Bridget! Best name ever!

Book borrowed from the library.

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  1. A wonderful and important book, love seeing Bub get ‘noticed’ here. The baby does get a name – Bea! Look back through, there are hints right from the start – Bub keeps suggesting, “Bea.” In the end, they do name her Bea. It’s one of those fun, silent trails to follow.

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