Posted in Book Review


By Lisa Mantchev

Illustrations by Hyewon Yum

I really liked Strictly No Elephants so when I saw this at the library, I had to borrow it. This seems like the pets continue to meet up and this time, they help Narwhal have an adventure. She wants to see the world but she stuck in a fishbowl. She has no feet and no clue how to tell directions. She is really nice and cute. Her friends help her out and take on a walk around the city. To her it is like exploring the world.

I like the story shows friendship can help and how you can be brave in experiencing something new and scary. Her friends were there for her. They supported her and helped her solve her problem. No one made her feel bad.

I think the illustrations are nice. I want a pet Narwhal now.

I recommend this book to kids who want to know how to be a friend. To kids who are scared or who have a big adventure soon.

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