Ask the Librarian: Christina Jane Stuck

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My name is Christina Jane Stuck.

I work at the Charlotte Community Library in Charlotte, MI. Our website is

I’m a Youth Services Librarian, so I work for and with kids, teens, and families.

I’ve been a librarian for 10 years.

My undergrad degree is in something called Sociology. It’s the study of society with the aim to help improve it. I worked part-time at a public library while getting my undergrad and it dawned on me that a librarian’s goal is to help people improve their lives. So I decided to pursue being a full-time public librarian.

There are a number of ways I pick books for my library! The first is based on recommendations from kids and families. I also follow a huge amount of book lovers on social media, so they help keep me up-to-date with more (potentially) popular titles. But I also use book review magazines.

My favorite chapter book author is Shannon Hale. There is nothing she has written that I haven’t loved. She’s so funny! I also love Dav Pilkey. Captain Underpants is 100 % awesome.

A few lesser known authors: I love April Pulley Sayre! She does picture books of nature and her photographs are amazing. I also like Natalie Llyod and Shelia Turnage who both write chapter books.

It’s hard to recommend books without knowing what books a kid has read in the past. My first question is always: “What book did you remember last reading?” Then I ask what he remembers liking (or not liking, which is equally important!) from the book. Those answers help to clue me in to some other books he may like.

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