Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History

  • 2 min read

By Vashti Harrison

We saw this book floating around Instagram and decided to buy it. Little Leaders is a great book for learning about black women who were part of history. Each page is a different woman. It has enough information to introduce you to the women but not enough to complete a book report. You could use the book to find out who you want to learn more about.

Some of the women featured were Bessie Coleman, Mae Jamison, Sojourner Truth and Dominique Dawes. There was also Angela Davis, an activist and scholar.

I liked that this book shows a lot of Black women who influence history. It is great for kids to see so many in one place. I plan to give this book to one of my teachers so they can share it with kids in my school.

My only problem is there is enough information on each person but maybe I should start reading biographies on these women. Two I would like to learn more on are Alice Ball and Charlotte E. Ray.

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