Fort Building Time

  • 2 min read

By Megan Wagner Lloyd

Pictures by Abigail Halpin

We picked this book up because my mom grew up with the illustrator. I really like her style.

This a book about the seasons and what kind of fort you can build each time. In winter, you build an snow fort. In the fall, a tree house fort. The forts in the book are very nice and elaborate. They might not be what a kid could build but they could do it with help. They could build the tent one or the box one or my favorite one – the cushion one.

This is a book that helps you use your imagination. You could read out loud and talk about the fort you would build. I would build a cushion fort.

I recommend this book to parents reading to their kids and teachers wanting an imagination project. Imagine all the forts the kids would design. Imagine what kids could build with a quilt and some cardboard.

Off to go build a fort.

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