The Super Life of Ben Braver

  • 2 min read

By Marcus Emerson

I was asked to read this book as part of it’s blog tour by the publisher. It is a very funny book. They say silly things. They do silly things. They make plans and then do silly things that weren’t in their plans. The drawings are silly.

Ben Braver is a normal kid who has an enemy. He is asked to attend a school for super heroes. Only problem is he doesn’t know what his super power is. He makes two friends at the school who know what their super powers are. Together they are trying to help Ben find his power. Oh and his enemy shows up at his school.

This is a story about friendship and finding your inner powers. We can all have a super power (ok maybe not invisibility or super strength or any of those) but you can be kind, helpful, a friend or just plain nice.

Diversity is a big topic for me. I was a little bothered that Ben is a white boy. True his friends are a girl and a black boy but why couldn’t Ben be the friend and Noah be the lead. Just saying it would be nice to see the roles reversed more often.

I think this a book both boys and girls will like. Kids who like Vordak or Star Wars Jedi Academy Books will enjoy this. It is written in a similar style, which is chapter book with graphics mixed in.

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