Girls who Code

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Book by Jo Whittemore

Activity book by Sarah Hutt

I was super excited to be asked to be part of this book’s blog tour. I am very curious about coding. The last coding book was a little too hard for me so I hoped this would easier. It was much clearer.

First there is a story book of girls who code. It is a fun book. It is nice to have a diverse group of girls who are into STEM. There look to be a couple books in this series so that is super exciting. In the one I read they won an ideas contest for an upcoming dance. It had to be related to coding. So it is kind of neat to see mixing of school activities with coding. I like the girls and this story.

I was asked to try one of the activities in the second book. This book is AWESOME. It was super hard to pick one activity to do! I wanted to do them all and I just might. I picked Optical Illusions as my activity. I even copied my sheets so I could do it a couple times.

This was my first version. The activity sheet is like a color by number. You pick your colors and then follow the pattern. It ends up looking 3-D. It is not!

I even tried changing colors in my second try. You get the same illusion, just more color.

If I was coding this, the activity sheet says it could animated to make the illusion appear. That’s cool.

The activity book all the little things that go into coding. There are lots of details to consider. I think it is a good way to introduce kids to coding without overwhelming them. Plus if they don’t have regular access to a computer they can still participate.

I really am happy I was asked to do this! I was considering giving the books to my school but I just might be keeping these!

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