Star Scouts: The League of Lasers

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By Mike Lawrence

Avani is back in book 2 of Star Scouts. In this adventure, she gets stranded on a new planet while on a mission for the League of Lasers. She meets an alien who says she is alien . (I think they are both right) The alien takes them to his farm where Avani is captured by aliens. (Trust me it is easier to follow in the graphic novel) Her future friend helps rescue her. And there are all kinds of space adventures, mischief, friendship and all the things I like in a book.

This isn’t my favorite book series but it is fun. It works with Zita, Cleopatra, Clem – all of which I am impatiently waiting for new books on. Avani is a strong, independent girl. She doesn’t need a boy to rescue her unless she is stranded but you also think she would do the same for him.

I like that she is drawn as a Multicultural character. Any girl could see themselves as Avani, which I know from my friends is important. I could see my best friend dressing as Avani.

This is a good addition to the girl in space graphic novel sets. If Zita, Cleopatra or Clem isn’t your gal, maybe Avani is. And if none are your girls, that is okay because there a million other books on the shelf.

I think kids should be encouraged to read graphic novels because it isn’t just words, words and no picture or picture, picture, no words, it is both. Graphic novels are a good bridge between picture books and chapter books plus a lot of the ones I have read recently are a solid read. They challenge you but are fun.

Note: First Second Books provided me this copy of the book in exchange for a review. The book comes out next Tuesday, March 20th so still a little time to pre-order

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