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By Matthew Cordell

In honor of my interview with Romy being so popular, I picked up this book by Matthew Cordell. I would have gotten Wolf in the Snow but the copies didn’t have their stickers yet.

Wish is a picture book about wishing for a family. It starts with two elephants who are wishing for a kid. They know they want one but they have to wait. And they wait until a storm comes and there is a little elephant.

I think a family that adopted might really like this story as well as families having a baby. Also kids who are waiting for a sibling.

I like the pictures. Matthew is a good illustrator. I like that the characters are elephants because he makes cute elephants. His words read like a poem. It feels soft – I read soft and slow. It would help someone calm down. Probably put you to sleep too.

There are other books in this series so go look for them!

One thought on “Wish

  1. Thank you for this review! I think this will be the perfect book to get for my new nephew’s bookshelf. His parents wished and waited a long time for him. Also his Mother really likes elephants.


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