Marabel and the Book of Fate

  • 2 min read

By Tracy Barrett

I picked this up at the bookstore recently. It is great, which is good because I was torn between this book and another everyone is raving about. I have the other one on hold at the library. This is a book that features a strong female lead.

Marabel is a princess and a twin. But her twin is very important because he is the chosen one. He gets kidnapped and guess what he can’t save himself from their aunt (haha strong evil female). Marabel has to go save her brother. Tagging along is her friend, Ellie, who works in the castle, and a sassy/funny unicorn. This trio is not to be messed with.

What I liked about this book is the females are strong. They are saving the boy. Marabel is good in weapons, a good fencer and a planner. Ellie is good at whatever she needs to be. The unicorn is good at eating and being sassy.

I recommend this book to people who need a laugh, to people who want adventure, people who need to see a strong female character. Kids who have been reading Princess in Black and need harder reading would like this.

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