May I come in

  • 2 min read

By Marsha Diane Arnold

Illustrated by Jennie Poh

I picked up this book at the reading conference I attended. Good thing I grabbed it when I did because it wasn’t there when I went by a second time. I like Marsha’s book so wanted it.

This is a story of raccoon and a very stormy night. He is scared and alone, so he goes looking for a friend to stay with. The first three friends don’t have space for him but fourth gives him a warm welcome. Rabbit’s house is already full with little rabbits but she doesn’t say no. In fact, everyone ends up in Rabbit’s home.

I think this is a story about friendship and being kind. Rabbit could have said no because an extra animal would be harder but she didn’t . She just said come on in. She is the type of friend that would always be there for someone and always be kind. That is a special person, a very special friend.

I recommend this book for schools because kids need a friend like that. We need to be reminded that being kind is very needed and makes you happy.

I also very much like the illustrations.

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