Memoirs of a Parrot

  • 2 min read

By Devin Scillian

Illustrated by Tim Bowers

Do you ever wonder what animals think? I do and apparently so does Devin Scillian. He thinks their thoughts are just like ours. All the noises they make are them talking.

In Memoirs of a Parrot, he introduces us to a Parrot in a pet shop. He is best friends with another Parrot in the shop. One day they are separated when Parrot 1 is adopted by a guy. The Parrot finds him annoying because he calls him Echo and tries to give him a cracker. The Parrot is cranky and unhappy. He also doesn’t really the guy any chances. One day something bad happens and the guy saves the Parrot. The Parrot is surprised because he hasn’t been nice to the guy. From then on, they are friends.

I think this is a story about friendship and finding compromises. Things aren’t always going to go the way you want but if you try something new, it may work out. Granted we all want to be called our real name but maybe we can warm up to a nickname.

I recommend this book to kids who need a laugh, in new situations. Maybe even a kid with a new sibling (you could imagine the baby as the Parrot).

I missed meeting Devin by a few minutes at the reading conference. But he is on the news here just about every night. I am sure one day soon I will connect with him. It would be weird to interview someone who does interviews as their job but it also seems kind of cool. Plus Devin has some other books that I hope to find.

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