Scarlett Hart, Monster Hunter

  • 2 min read

By Marcus Sedgwick and Thomas Taylor

This book is really really cool. Scarlett Hart is a cool name because Scarlett is a red and Hart is like heart. So her name is red heart. Scarlett is a monster hunter but she is underage so she isn’t official. There is one monster hunter that hates her and wants her out. He wants to see her in jail. The book is all about her hunting monsters, avoiding him and eventually saving his life.

This is a graphic novel. Kids starting at third grade would enjoy it. There is some not so nice parts when they kill the monsters and maybe send a bad guy over a cliff. It is a quick read.

I like that this is a strong girl who saves the boy. Books like this help girls believe in themselves and believe they can do anything they want.

This book comes out in April so still time to preorder. Thank you , First Second, for the review copy

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