Q & Ray: The Missing Mola Lisa

  • 2 min read

By Trisha Speed Shaskan

Illustrated by Stephen Shaskan

I got this book (and the second book ) from Aimee Bissonette. She is friends with the author and illustrator. I will be interviewing them soon. A review of the second book will be coming too!

Q is a porcupine detective and well, I missed what Ray is. But they are animal detective who are also in elementary. One day, they go on a field trip. Before they leave there is a magic show. The magician is suspicious. When they get to the museum, there is a boom, the lights go out and a spark of fire. When the lights come back on, the Mola Lisa is missing. Oh no – and just like always in these books, the kid detectives solve the case before the police.

I would consider this a comic, early graphic novel style book. The illustrations were fun. There were details like on the Mola Lisa. The writing was easy to follow so this could be good for a starting reader.

I recommend to early elementary kids who want to solve mysteries or like animal detective books.

I will do a review of their second adventure soon but go ahead and buy it too!

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