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Snail Mail

By Samantha Berger

Pictures by Julia Patton

Running Press Kids sent me this book to review. This is the story of a girl writing a letter to a boy and sending it across the country on snails. Yes, snails. Somehow despite being rained on and snowed on, the letter arrives in perfect condition. The snails travel from the west coast to east coast.

The pictures show the snails handbook and the tools each snail has. It also shows great illustrations of the country. The illustration style is cool because it is kind of like a collage and then traditional illustration.

I would recommend book to people who live far from their families and friends. People who like mail would like it. It is funny to think of mail traveling by snail.

I am going to give my copy to my library because the characters look like my classmates. We need more books that look like them.

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Ten Magic Butterflies

By Danica McKellar

Illustrated by Jennifer Bricking

This is a very, very nice book and the author is also an actress. She really likes math and writes books about it. In this book, there are ten flowers that are tired of being flowers so a fairy turns them into butterflies. They go on an adventure as butterflies but then you count them back into flowers. She hid math in the book!

I think the story is about liking who you are and maybe appreciating what others can do. It is a nice story especially for bedtime. It would set a kid up for some nice dreams of flowers, butterflies and a farm.

I recommend to five and unders plus the people who read to them. It was a good book for me to read even at almost nine (birthday is next week!).

Ps I really like this actress! She is the mom on Project MC2 and in a lot of Hallmark movies. I like Hallmark movies – they are cheesy, with a lot of kissing but they are fun. I watch them with my mom and grandmother. It is our girl thing!

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The secrets of ninja school

By Deb Pilutti

When I met Deb this summer, she mentioned this book would be coming out. We found it at the library and had to borrow it. This is the story of a girl ninja and her trying to find out her secret skill. She goes to a ninja school and tries to learns ninja skills. But Ruby is not naturally skillful. She gets frustrated and home sick. She thinks about home and the things that would help her feel better. She realizes the other ninjas are home sick and does something very nice for them. She also finds her special skill.

This is a story about hidden skills and appreciating less flashy skill. We all want to be fastest, smartest, bestest but maybe we have other skills that even more important. Skills like friendship, being thoughtful, being kind and doing good deeds.

I recommend this to kids who want to find their special skill or don’t think they are special. Maybe it would help them find their special skill- we all have one.

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Goldie Blox and the best pet ever

By Stacy McAnulty

I have had Goldie Blox for a couple years now and was excited to hear there are books now. Mom found this one for me at the store! I can’t wait to find the others.

In this story Goldie Blox is competing in a pet pageant with dog. She builds a cat too but I won’t tell you what happens to it. In the pageant, she needs to have her dog, Nacho, and he competes in three areas: obstacle course, command and talent. You wouldn’t be surprised to find out a dog named Nacho isn’t a natural at any of those. Well he is a natural at talent by getting Goldie her tools.

This is a fun book and it is like book candy. I think kids who like Goldie Blox will like this book. It is fun to see Goldie come to life – very very fun.

I would recommend it to second graders and first graders and people who like building.

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The City on the Other aside

By Mairghread Scott and Robin Robinson

This is a graphic novel from First Second (thanks for the review copy!). It is a story about a girl named Isabel who goes to visit her dad in the country. There she meets some magical spirits called the Seelies and Unseelies who are at war. She is asked to deliver a necklace message to a Seelie General. With two new friends, she goes on an adventure to deliver the message and learns some cool lessons about herself.

This is a story about a girl who becomes a strong female but isn’t at the beginning. The illustrations are so great. This is a visual treat of a book. Instead of book candy, consider this illustration candy.

I think kids my age who like graphic novels will like this also adults.