Sea Glass and the Lighthouse

  • 2 min read

Written by Kelly Brooks-Bay

illustrated by Lindsay Weirich

My grandmother met Kelly at the market. She got her information so I could meet her when I came to visit. I went to meet her at her library which is the public library but also the school library. That was really neat.

Kelly gave me a copy of her book and I read it immediately in the car. It is a cute story about a girl, a boy and how they get a nice little puppy. The puppy is lost after a storm. They bring it home and it becomes their pet. During a big storm, the dog helps save the day. It also looks like there could be another story.

What I like about this book is it has information in the back about dog type. I like that the illustrations show diversity. I like that it is a story of friendship. The illustrations are really nice. You can see the illustrator’s details in the pictures. If you look closely you can see her pencil marks.

I suggest this book to people who like dogs, lighthouses and the sea. Also kids who like to dig for treasure.

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