The Mad Wolf’s Daughter

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By Diane Magras

This book was at my library and I heard a lot of good things about. I even almost picked it up at the store once. I am glad I borrowed it.

This is the story of Drest, the daughter of the Mad Wolf of the North. One night, a bunch of knights came and captured her father and five brothers. She is left alone with a wounded knight. They are being chased by a bandit and have to work together. The wounded knight can’t do very much of anything because of his wounds, so it is up to Drest to save the day and her family.

This is another one of the books where the girl saves the day. Drest is a strong, strong female character who doesn’t let things get in her way. Sometimes she gets a little bit mean but she still nice when needed. Sometimes you got to mean in medieval Scotland.

I like the descriptions of Scotland and the back has more details on how she wrote the book. I like how the front inside cover shows her friend and the wounded knight.

This is a steady read. I put it down a couple times to think about what had happened. It took me about three weekend days to read (yea for holiday weekends).

I recommend this to kids who like stories of knights and warriors. A boy should not skip this book just because Drest is a girl. He would like her. She acts like some of the boys in other books. I think someone who liked Serpent’s Secret or Marabel and the Book of Fate. Even someone who likes Land of Stories series should try this.

I liked it so much I have my grandfather reading it right now and he likes it.

Ps the author is from Maine and I hope to meet her this summer!

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