Harriet got carried away

  • 2 min read

By Jessie Sima

Harriet got carried away is a very away. It would be so cool if I got to saw a real penguin and touch it or went to a penguin colony. Harriet loves to dress up for everything. She has a lot of costumes. She as a penguin to go to the store. It is her special shopping costume. At the store she meets some penguins and goes home with them on their hot air balloons. When she gets there, she says I don’t belong here and has super funny adventure including an orca, some birds and well I am not telling you because it gives things away.

I liked the costumes Harriet and her friends have. She also has a very good imagination and so does one of her friends. It is nice to see having they have big imaginations and that is okay.

In the book Harriet has two dads. It is nice to see that since kids can see families that look like theirs and ones that don’t . Family come in all makeups now.

This book is for people who need to let their imaginations go wild.

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