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I am feeling behind in my reviews and I didn’t need to start a new book, but I did anyway. I needed something quick and just for fun. Witch fits that role perfectly for me.

Witch is not about witches. It is about a group of friends who initials spell Witch. Haha – I wonder if my friends and I could do this. Nope we need more vowels! The friends are just regular girls until they are chosen to be guardians to protect Earth. Then they sprout wings, their shirts no longer cover their stomachs and some have no pants! Sorry I just think the outfits are a bit silly.

The book is about their adventures as guardians. It takes them a bit to become good at being a guardian. That helps to understand you don’t have to be good at the beginning. It is also a book about friendship and protecting your friends.

The comic book store said this was an older series that has been rereleased. They had read it when they were younger. So some adults may remember the series. Adults would enjoy this series as would kids.


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