Drummer Girl

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By Debbi Michiko Florence

Pictures by Elizabet Vukovic

This is the third in the Jasmine Toguchi series. It is my favorite new series of the year. If the fourth book was out right now, I would be demanding and begging for it.

In Drummer Girl, Jasmine’s class is a having a talent show. Jasmine can’t find out what talent she is going to pick. Collage making doesn’t work for a talent show and her friend is already dancing. The new girl is Maggie and brags she has the best talent. She plays the violin. Jasmine talks with her Mom who suggest taiko. Taiko is Japanese drumming. Jasmine takes lessons from her mom’s friend. It is hard at first but she gets the hang of it.

Maggie does a great job in the rehearsal but freezes during the performance. There is a small side of Maggie’s parents not paying attention to her. Jasmine does a great job in her performance.

I love Jasmine Toguchi so much so I even dressed as her for my school dress as a book character day.

Jasmine books are quick reads but they are just what we should read. Jasmine is dealing with things kids my age are dealing with. We are trying to figure out who we should be and how our family history fits into our life.

For instance, over Christmas, I learned how to make my great (plus who knows how many) grandmother’s French Canadian meat pie. It is a tradition to make these for Christmas Eve dinner. My mom learned from her grandmothers as a girl. Now she is teaching me.

I recommend Jasmine books to kids trying to figure out where they fit and also kids curious about Japanese culture.

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