Peachy and Keen

  • 1 min read

By Jason Tharp and J.B. Rose

Peachy and Keen are a cat and dog who are friends. They go to school together. Keen loves costumes. Everyday it is a different one and his favorite is a dinosaur costume. Peachy is organized. In this book, they are going to join the newspaper but Principal Trunx (an elephant) says nobody reads it anymore so it is shut down. This is the story of how they make an online newspaper.

I liked that this is about friendship and how the ending is funny. Because it is about different animals it shows how you can be friends with people who are different from you.

I would recommend this to second through fourth graders.

One note my copy was an advanced review copy provided by the publisher and not all the artwork was finished. It made it hard to fully review the book. I hope to find a finished copy to see the difference.

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