Peachy and Keen: Spirit Week Showdown

  • 1 min read

By Jason Tharp and J.B. Rose

In the second adventure of Peachy and Keen, they are teaming with their friends to compete in a spirit week contest. Peachy and Keen are competing against each other because they both want the official vlog for the school. They pair up with other friends (an octopus and an unicorn) and compete in one contest. They have to create a vlog and whoever gets the most views will win.

This is a book about how friendships can be strained. When you and your friends want the same thing, it can be hard to stay friendly. Things like vlogs are not worth ruining friendships over but sometimes kids forget in the moment. This is a good story to help remind you.

This book was also provided by the publisher. It was more complete than the other one. The illustrations were done. I like chapter books with illustrations. They make it fun to read.

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