Be Prepared

  • 2 min read

By Vera Brosgol

This graphic novel is pretty thick so plan some time to read it. I managed to read it in one morning thanks to an ice storm no school day.

In this book, Vera goes to summer camp. It is a summer camp for Russian kids. Her tent mates don’t really like her because they have been friends forever. She is the new kid at camp. At first she is miserable. Camp is not what she thought. The book is about how she managed to enjoy camp and also how hard being a young girl is.

I think this book might be for older kids and adults to remind them how hard it is at this age. I enjoyed it but did feel like I was missing something. My mom and I talked about the book – she got a lot more from it than I did.

I think this book would be good for kids who feel left out or who had miserable camp experiences. I will put this one aside and reread it in a couple years.

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