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Goldie Blox and the best pet ever

By Stacy McAnulty

I have had Goldie Blox for a couple years now and was excited to hear there are books now. Mom found this one for me at the store! I can’t wait to find the others.

In this story Goldie Blox is competing in a pet pageant with dog. She builds a cat too but I won’t tell you what happens to it. In the pageant, she needs to have her dog, Nacho, and he competes in three areas: obstacle course, command and talent. You wouldn’t be surprised to find out a dog named Nacho isn’t a natural at any of those. Well he is a natural at talent by getting Goldie her tools.

This is a fun book and it is like book candy. I think kids who like Goldie Blox will like this book. It is fun to see Goldie come to life – very very fun.

I would recommend it to second graders and first graders and people who like building.

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