The secrets of ninja school

  • 2 min read

By Deb Pilutti

When I met Deb this summer, she mentioned this book would be coming out. We found it at the library and had to borrow it. This is the story of a girl ninja and her trying to find out her secret skill. She goes to a ninja school and tries to learns ninja skills. But Ruby is not naturally skillful. She gets frustrated and home sick. She thinks about home and the things that would help her feel better. She realizes the other ninjas are home sick and does something very nice for them. She also finds her special skill.

This is a story about hidden skills and appreciating less flashy skill. We all want to be fastest, smartest, bestest but maybe we have other skills that even more important. Skills like friendship, being thoughtful, being kind and doing good deeds.

I recommend this to kids who want to find their special skill or don’t think they are special. Maybe it would help them find their special skill- we all have one.

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