Ten Magic Butterflies

  • 2 min read

By Danica McKellar

Illustrated by Jennifer Bricking

This is a very, very nice book and the author is also an actress. She really likes math and writes books about it. In this book, there are ten flowers that are tired of being flowers so a fairy turns them into butterflies. They go on an adventure as butterflies but then you count them back into flowers. She hid math in the book!

I think the story is about liking who you are and maybe appreciating what others can do. It is a nice story especially for bedtime. It would set a kid up for some nice dreams of flowers, butterflies and a farm.

I recommend to five and unders plus the people who read to them. It was a good book for me to read even at almost nine (birthday is next week!).

Ps I really like this actress! She is the mom on Project MC2 and in a lot of Hallmark movies. I like Hallmark movies – they are cheesy, with a lot of kissing but they are fun. I watch them with my mom and grandmother. It is our girl thing!

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