Snail Mail

By Samantha Berger

Pictures by Julia Patton

Running Press Kids sent me this book to review. This is the story of a girl writing a letter to a boy and sending it across the country on snails. Yes, snails. Somehow despite being rained on and snowed on, the letter arrives in perfect condition. The snails travel from the west coast to east coast.

The pictures show the snails handbook and the tools each snail has. It also shows great illustrations of the country. The illustration style is cool because it is kind of like a collage and then traditional illustration.

I would recommend book to people who live far from their families and friends. People who like mail would like it. It is funny to think of mail traveling by snail.

I am going to give my copy to my library because the characters look like my classmates. We need more books that look like them.

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