Aru Shah and the End of Time

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By Roshani Chokshi

I am trying OwlCrate Jr – it is a monthly book subscription box. Each month I get a book (or two) plus super cool extras. My first box I didn’t love the book but this past month was awesome. The book was Aru Shah and the end of time. I was super excited because I had just added it to my to read list. I could not put it down!

Aru is a girl who desperately wants friends. Her classmates aren’t very nice to her so she tells them stories that are stretches of the truth. Plus her mother travels a lot and feels forgotten by her mom. One day to show off for her friends, she lights a magical lamp and releases an evil spirit. From there, she and a girl didn’t know but is soul related to must save the world, according a magical pigeon named Boo. The girls are ordinary girls with fears and confidence issues just like any girl but they face those to saved their loved ones. Through out the story you learn mythology and secrets such as (spoiler) is Aru’s Dad.

I really enjoyed this book because the girls were strong but also relatable. They were chosen by gods and everyone was surprised they chose girls. The adventure was really fun and fast paced. Every time you thought you had something figured out you realized it was different. It also set up for future stories which is exciting because I didn’t want to leave Aru and Mini. I am so happy we’ll have another adventure.

I really recommend this book to people who have liked Serpent’s Secret or The Mad Wolf’s Daughter or Cleopatra in Space. Aru fits in well with these strong girls.

I shared about the book with my mom’s best friend who is Indian descent. She can’t wait to read the book because she rarely had books that looked like her. Even adults need to see themselves in books.

Ps there is a rumor there will be a movie. I am super excited even if I know I have to wait for it.

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