Be Kind

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By Pat Zietlow Miller

Illustrated by Jen Hill

A number of you recommended I read “Be Kind” by Pat Zietlow Miller so I borrowed it from the library. Now I am going to go buy it because it is a great book and everybody should have it in their library.

It is the story of a girl who sees her friend spill grape juice on her brand new dress. She thinks about how she could be kind to friend and what being kind means. She thinks about all the ways you can be kind to people and how kindness comes back to you.

This is a good book because of the message and it shows how you can be kind. There are things you can do yourself to be kind. I thought the illustrations are really, really cool and multicultural. They show the whole world not just a small piece of it. It is like a picture book for bigger kids because the main characters are big elementary kids, not littles. Fun note: the illustrator also does the illustrations for Bland Sisters!

So I recommend this to EVERYBODY. Oh and did I mention YOU should read.

And I would love to know how you show kindness.

I donate books to my library. I try to be a friend to everybody. I have a little library in my front yard.

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