Vordak is a party animal

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On Tuesday, I turned 9. Yesterday was my birthday party. A book series i really like is a Vordak and I am super lucky to be friends with the illustrator. I invited him to my party.

John Martin did a drawing class with friends. He explained how he draws and then we all got to draw. We also got to design characters with him.

My friends and I loved this! Plus I got to keep all of John’s drawing.

Then there was a knock on the door. There was a password.

The knock refused to say the password. I don’t know why?

Finally he gave in because we bribed him with a cupcake! Yes, you are correct – Vordak crashed my party himself!

My friends and I goofed off with Vordak including a destroying a Vordak piñata, a Vordak cake and making fun of it all.

I had a great book themed birthday! I know most kids can’t bring an author or illustrator to their party but it never hurts to ask. My friends really enjoyed the different type of party.

Oh and Vordak likes pink cupcakes.

If you are local to me, John Martin will be at Motor City Comic Com (May 18-20), Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival (June 16-17) and runs a summer drawing camp.

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