The Forgotten Lands Series

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Story by Jennifer Strain

Pictures by Chiara Civati

I was asked if I would like to review the second book in The Forgotten Lands series. I hadn’t read the first yet so they sent me both! Today you get a double book review.

The first book is Dragon Island and the second is Stormy Mountain. In the first book, we meet our lead characters (Nora, Sadie and Finn). This whole series get started when Sadie’s grandpa tells her a story about a hidden map in the orchard down the hill by them. She waits a few hours for her cousins to join her in finding the map. They had traveled far to the house. Then they find an apple like Grandpa had told in the story – an orange apple on a green tree. They dig and dig but find nothing. Finn bites the apple and there are two golden seeds and a map. The map takes them to Dragon Island . There they have to help a king and queen solve a problem about book eating dragons.

In the second book, they travel to Stormy Mountain to help the sprites who control the weather fix their machine. Grandpa said he made a fabulous juice there. It seems from his stories he has also traveled there.

The series is about friendship and working together. It is about believing in impossible things and yourself.

I like the adventures in these books. They fit with the types of adventures I have been reading. They are also much shorter books which was nice. These are the types of adventures I would like to go on. My brother would like to go to Stormy Mountain.

I think kids in second, third and fourth grade would enjoy these books. They would be good for teachers and librarians to have on their shelves.

Note: books were provided to me in exchange for review

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