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Food Truck Fest

By Alexandria Penfold

Pictures by Mike Dutton

This book is about a food truck fest and it tells how the food trucks get to the place that the fest is supposed to be. It also shows a family and their trip to the food truck fest.

I like this book because it is shows the different jobs on a food truck. It also shows inside two food trucks and that part was cool to see. The illustrations are very nice. But I have one thing that I’m wondering:Why is the food truck depot so tiny???

I recommend this book to… people who like food trucks. I also recommend this book to festivals.

I give this book 15 food truck stars🍕🍪🌭🍬

Bridget note: I am starting to type my own reviews instead of telling Mom them and having her type them. Please excuse errors in my reviews. This typing and thinking thing is hard.

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