Lilly’s Way

  • 2 min read

By Kim Delmar Cory

I’ve been reading this book since the fall not because it is s hard book but because I keep getting new books that just HAVE to be reviewed ( not that this book is any less important!) and every time I try to read it I have a new book and it just HAS to be reviewed (still this book is just as much important as the books I get to be reviewed immediately) enough about how I’ve been reading this book and more about the book itself.

So this book has a few story’s in one and here’s the first one: Gaston, the oldest brother goes and enters a contest that has to do with logs but I’m not going to say it’s name. He wins but hurts his head. Then a preview of the next part: family comes over to Lilly’s house.

I like this book because the dad left before Lilly is born and then Lilly writes an article on her dream of him coming home and I think that makes him come home but I’m still not telling if that happens or not! So all that stuff you’ll have to find the answers to yourself!

I recommend this book to anyone! I give this fifteen stars!

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