Mike Morris Myth Solver

  • 2 min read

Written by K.B. Brege

Illustrated by D. Brege

I met the author and illustrator of the Mick Morris Myth Series at Motor City Comic Con. They gave me a copy of the first book in the series to read. Thank you!

This book is about a boy named Mick, his cousin Sissy ( Cecelia) and his friend Nathan solving the myth about Roswell, Mexico and Area 51 alien sighting, alien technology, and alien ships crash landings! It starts when Mick, Sissy, and Mick’s parents who film a show about solving myths go to Roswell, Mexico and the satellite dish on top of the RV starts spinning like crazy and the Myth mobile ( the RV) goes out of control but that doesn’t mean anything.

The interesting thing about this book is there are multiple ways to read it. It is like a choose your own adventure for the finish so each time you read it, it will be different.

I liked that are multiple ways to finish this book. I also liked that are aliens in this book that look and act real. I hope aliens are real. It was a quick read for a Rainy Saturday.

I recommend it to kids my age. I think I will read some of the others in the series.

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