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Tell me a little about you: I’m a writer and illustrator of comics and children’s books, probably best known for my comic strip Beardo. I live near Chicago with my wife, daughter and son.

– When you were my age (9), did you like to read? I loved to read! My library card was my best tool, I read a lot of Calvin and Hobbes, Hardy Boys, Bobbsey Twins and anything dinosaur related.
What was your favorite author or book? Definitely Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson. My mom would hand me one of those books when she needed me to chill for a bit so she could get some work done! It explains a lot!
– how do you get your story ideas? With Beardo, I just pulled directly from my life experiences. With some of my more scary comics, I try to think of things that would be scary if I were the character!
– is it hard to write a book? It’s hard if you’re writing about something you don’t know about. When I find myself stuck, it’s usually because I need to learn a little bit more about the context of what I’m writing.
– what authors do you like right now? Any lesser known ones you can recommend? I really enjoy Bodie Troll by Jay Fosgitt. It’s an all ages comic about a troll who wants to be feared but is too lovable and cute to be taken seriously. (Bridget note: Me too!)
– what is the best part of being an author? When someone connects with something you wrote.
– I met you at a Comic Con. What is that event like as an author? It’s great! You get to see all your fellow artist and author friends, and meet the people who have read or will read your work. I always look forward to comic con!
– any advice for a kid who wants to be an author? Read as much as you can! You might not enjoy every book you read, but there’s a lesson in everything. Maybe you don’t like a story, ask yourself why it isn’t working for you. Maybe you love a story, so can you explain why it works so well? Take things apart and see how they function, and then go write your own!

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