The Very Last Castle

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By Travis Jonker

Pictures by Mark Pett

I won this copy of the book during the draw off event at NerdCampMI JR event. There was tape on my seat and that meant book.

OMG you must read this book! You will have to preorder it because it isn’t out yet but when it is, it is a must read. It is a picture book that even older kids will like. It is the story of the very last castle. They don’t really say how it became the last castle but it is and people are not allowed in. Because it is something unknown they make up stories of monsters, snakes and giants. A little girl is curious about the castle. She notices a guard is at the tower sometimes and sometimes not. She gets brave and knocks on the door but then hiss and she runs off. This gets her an invite into the castle and creates change for the everyone. Now I have to stop or I will tell you the entire book.

I liked this book because it is a gorgeous story, both the words and pictures. It is the story of assumptions and how they can be wrong. It is the story of being brave and making change.

I also liked that the main character is a black girl. She may be biracial (her grandfather looks white) but she looks like my best friend. I want my best friend to see herself in books as the main character. She is not a supporting character to me but her own main character. Kids need books where they are the main character.

This book just needs to be in everyone’s library.

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