Jasmine Toguchi: Flamingo Keeper

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By Debbi Michiko Florence

Pictures by Elizabet Vukovic

Knowing I am a huge fan of Jasmine, Debbie nicely sent me a copy of Flamingo Keeper. Still a big fan of Jasmine.

This book is about Jasmine wishing for a flamingo on a daruma doll. A daruma doll is a Japanese good luck doll. They come with no eyes. You color in one eye after you make a wish and the other eye after the wish comes true. Jasmine is super excited and starts planning for flamingo pet until her grandmother explains Jasmine has to make her wish come true. She is super sad because she knows she will never pet flamingo. She thinks of a couple ideas including adopting a flamingo at the zoo. Her older sister even helps her by giving a surprise.

I really liked this because I really want a pet penguin. Essentially I am Jasmine just with a penguin. I really should ask about adopting a penguin via the zoo. I may want one but I know a penguin couldn’t live at my house. I bet a lot of kids wish for pets that can’t live at their homes. This is a good book for working through that. This is a book about dealing with disappointment for kids!

I recommend this to kids who really wants a pet but can’t have one. Maybe kids who are dealing with disappointment. It was also interesting to learn more about Japanese culture. I usually pay attention to the good luck cat but now I will look for a daruma doll.

I give this 15 flamingo stars

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