Bridget Fidget and the most perfect pet

  • 1 min read

By Joe Berger

This book is about a girl named Bridget who gets a box from the pet store, now Bridget’s always wanted a pet unicorn but when she gets the box she thinks it is too small for a unicorn and thinks it could be a PENGUIN! Then when she finds an even smaller box she thinks it could be a mouse but instead she gets a Cukoo Clock. But that’s not the ending.

I like this book because it is like a biography of ME. But some parts aren’t true like I don’t want a unicorn but I do want a penguin. I can be messy. I can be inpatient. I can be loud. And my name is Bridget. Oh and I am fidgety!

I recommend to kids who wish for crazy pets. My best friend would love this book!

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