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twitter: @popabyss
· Tell me a little about yourself:

I grew up in Midland Park, New Jersey where I spent a lot of my time writing stories and poetry into composition notebooks. I loved creating my own worlds and wacky characters and all I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a writer.
1. When you were my age (9), did you like to read?

I loved reading! Other than drawing and writing it was my favorite thing to do.
2. What was your favorite story?

I read a lot of Greek Mythology when I was a kid. My favorite collection was D’Aulaires Book of Greek Myths. My favorite story was of the hero Perseus, especially the part where he fights the Gorgon, Medusa.
3. How do you get your ideas?

They usually come from my everyday life or experiences. Sometimes I’ll see a picture that will give me an idea. Sometimes I’ll overhear someone say something that will inspire me. You never really know when inspiration will strike, you just have to be opened to it.
4. Your book (The Cardboard Kingdom) was done with multiple authors. Was that easy or hard?

It was surprisingly easy and truly a pleasure. Everyone in our group is very sweet and respectful. It was so much fun writing this book with them.
5. What author do you really like right now?

My favorite author has been Neil Gaiman for some time. I fell in love with his graphic novel series, the Sandman, when I was younger. I’ve read almost all of his books. I think my favorite one is “the Ocean at the End of the Lane”. It was magical, like all of his stories.
6. Do you have any new or lesser known authors you would suggest?

I don’t know if he’s necessarily lesser known, but I’ve always been a fan of Piers Anthony’s work. His books are very clever and funny!
7. What advice do you have for a kid who wants to be an author?

Keep writing and save everything you write! I still have ideas I wrote down when I was your age. You should never throw an idea away; you might need it someday.

8. As an author, do you hear from your readers? What do you like about that?

In addition to hearing from them, I’ve met some of them in person because I’ve been doing events with my local library here in Caldwell, NJ. My favorite part is hearing how happy our book has made people. Writing stories people enjoy is really everything I’ve ever wanted

9. If you could portal into any book (yours or another person’s), what book would it be?

That’s a tough one! There are so many stories I’d love to visit. I think I would probably portal into the Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland. I always loved those books growing up.

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