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by Jonathan Auxier
This book is about a girl named Nan Sparrow who is a chimney climber and the best on her team but while climbing a shool flue she gets stuck and a boy on her team named Roger who hates her sets the chimney on fire purposely instead of doing it in one of the safer ways. Instead of burning to death she wakes up in the attic where her char which was something her former sweep had left after he had disappeared is alive with eyes and  a mouth. She decides to name him charlie. Then they move into the abandoned house of 100 chimneys. Nan teaches Charlie to read and spell with the help of Toby Squall as hiding from Nan’s master in which Nan hates to the core. During Charlies process of learning he uses ash and soot to make himself a golem.

I like this book because the main character is a strong female. The story is also fast paced and the characters are very cool and they do some cool things.

I recommend this book to kids who like the series Peter Nimble. I really liked that series.

I give this book 15 strong character stars.

Note: I was given access to an advance copy of this book via NetGalley.

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