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The Magic of Melwick Orchard

Cover via NetGalley

by Rebeccca Caprara

This book is about a girl named Isabell, who’s sister has cancer. So in the starting Isabella finds a little tree growing in long since abandoned ¬†¬†Melwick Orchard which stopped growing years before, then a squirrel tells her to put her shoes in the hole he dug in front of her. The next day the tree has fully grown into a giant tree with feathery balls with fruit inside and what’s the fruit?? peach? Nope. Apples? Nu uh. Shoes? YES!!!!! she finds pairs of shoes in the balls!

I like this book because it is magic and I can kinda relate to Isabell because she has a hard time making friends and she’s grumpy.

I recommend the book to everyone who is in 3rd grade and up who likes magic.

I give this book 15 magic stars.

Note: Rebecca (the author) reached out to ask me to review this and provided me with access to an advanced copy via NetGalley