Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur

  • 2 min read


Created by Amy Reeder, Brandon Montclare and Natacha Bustos

this book is about a girl named Lunella who gets a pet DINOSAUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This happens when cavemen portal into the future and they bring a dinosaur with them. This causes a bunch of chaos. Lunella gets a pet and the cavemen become a gang. A lot more happens but I would tell you the whole story so I am going to.

This is a graphic novel. A librarian recommended I read it. She was right. It is great. First, the hero looks like my best friend. That is great! Then there are dinosaurs and well, kids love dinosaurs. Seriously who wouldn’t want to live with dinosaurs. Plus graphic novels are fun ways to read – it is pictures and words. You get a picture for every action. That is great for young readers.

I can’t wait to find the next books to see what Lunella’s next adventures are. This would be a great book for a girl who is struggling to enjoy reading because the main character is a girl.

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