Girlhood Journeys, book one: Shannon, a China Town adventure, San Francisco 1880

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by Kathleen v. Kudlinski
illustrated by Bill Farnsworth

This book is about a girl named Shannon who moved from Ireland to San Francisco and goes with her father to a pet store in china town to get leaches se he is a doctor. Along the way Shannon sees a girl through a window and the next time they go Shannon decides to bring her friend Betsy then along with her friend Betsy and they see the girl is treated body at the pet shop.   Then Shannon and Betsy make a plan to get the girl and have her get a better home.

I like this book because   Shannon and Betsy are strong females. I also like the pictures that are in the book because they are a style I like.

I recommend this book to kids who like the American girl doll series. I strong females also recommend this book to kids who like

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