Red; The (fairly) True Tale of Little Red Riding Hood

  • 2 min read

by Liesl Shurtliff

This book is about a girl named Red who wants to find a way to keep her Grammy alive. She has help from a friend named Goldie. Red finds a dwarf and takes him by the beard. That means that he has to do whatever she says. She tells him to tell her ways to keep her Granny alive. He tells her three choices. Those three choices are the magic hearts, the wine well and the red roses. She finds the wine well but learn that it takes some of your  memory away too. That is all im telling you other whose I would tell you the whole story.

I like this book because it has 2 strong females: Red and Goldie. Oh and the font I like because it fits Goldie and reds personalities.

I recommend this book to kids who like the books Rump and Grump also by Liesl Shurtliff and the Rat Prince by BRIDGET Hodder and Twice upon a time by Wendy Mass.

I give this book  15 strong female stars.

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