Sticker Girl: Rules the School

  • 2 min read


By Janet Tashjian

This book is about our sticker girl running for president. She did not want to run for President but the cupcake sticker signed her up. The way he did it is funny and not what you expect from a cupcake. The book is all about how the stickers help her run for President. There are lots of unexpected things that happen in this book that make it very interesting. I don’t expect my stickers to come to life so everything is unexpected.

This book features a female lead who is quiet, shy and not wanting to run for President. She learns to rely on her friends which is something kids need to learn. I think the living stickers is what so cool and I love it. It makes me think about what would happen if my sticker comes alive. I so wish my stickers would come alive.

If you liked the first book you would like this. People who have fun imaginations would enjoy this.

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