The Infamous Ratsos

  • 2 min read

Written by: Kara Lareau

Illustrated by: Matt Myers

This bookabout is about Louie and Ralphie Ratso who want to be tough but always end up doing good deeds. In this book Louie and Ralphie try to be tough and several events end up doing good deeds. That includes when they try to pile up the snow in front of Mr O’Hares store but instead they shovel the snow away from Mr O’Hares store. Another attempt is when they the new kids fluffy a sandwich out of the most disgusting Foods in their fridge. In that attempt they end up making her favorite sandwich.

I like this book because I like how they try to be tough but end up doing good deeds where they want to do things that aren’t very good. They actually want to get in trouble.

I recommend this book to kids who do similar things that include trying to be mean but ending up doing good things instead. I also recommend this book to kids in second grade and under but anyonebcan enjoy this book too.

This Book 15 Good Deed Stars☺😃☺

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