The Infamous Ratsos: Project Fluffy

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By Kara LaReau

Illustrated by Matt Myers

Kara gave me this ARC copy of the third Infamous Ratsos book while we were at NerdCampMI.

This bookabout is about Louie helping a boy named Chuck to get noticed by Fluffy, the girl he likes. In this attempt he doesn’t have very good ideas. None of the ideas work. In fact they aren’t even good ideas. Videos include giving Fluffy flowers but Fluffy is allergic to the flowers. Another attempt was to write a poem for fluffy but when fluffy took the poem she still had on her gardening gloves so it got all smeared with dirt.

I like this book because Louie is trying to help Chuck but his ideas aren’t good.

I recommend this book to kids in second grade and above.

I give this book 15 Stars🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌

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