I am enough

  • 2 min read

By Grace Byers

Pictures by Keturah A. Bobo

Book Source: owned by me

Book Status: published

This is a picture book about how you were meant to be here and there is no way someone can say otherwise. In the book, it states how like everything else in the world , you are here for a reason. Like the air is here for us to breathe and you are here to breathe. Like the trees, you are here to grow and be the best person you can be.

This is a book that makes you feel better about yourself. It reminds you that you are here for a reason and everyone can change the world. The illustrations are diverse and represent everybody. Kids can find themselves in this book and that is important.

Everybody should have this! I might share my copy with my class or my librarian or my principal because this is an important book for my school and classmates.

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