Try This!

  • 2 min read

By Karen Romano Young

Photographs by Matthew Rakola

Book Source: provided by Media Masters Publicity in exchange for review

Book Status: published

We received this book before school ended to review and it got misplaced. Mom had put it away so we didn’t do experiments by ourselves. Then we couldn’t find it till September. A heat cancelled school day was a great day to do experiments.

We tried the following experiments:

  • Cool glow sticks
  • spin wool into yarn
  • Elephant toothpaste
  • Color explosion
  • Instant slushie
  • Orange oil lamp
  • The experiments were easy to do with a grownup. We did projects based on what we had at house. We will do some other experiments in future. We needed some other things to do them!
  • Along with the instructions, the book explains what the science is. For example, elephant toothpaste is an exothermic reaction and decomposition. It was warm to the touch!
  • The color explosion is about emulsion. The food coloring shows how the suspension is broken up. We even dipped paper in this to make cool marble paper.
  • Note: We didn’t have regular milk in house (dairy allergic) so we used almond milk. The color explosion worked fine.
  • Cool glow stick shows how cold affects items.
  • Teachers should have this book. The projects were fun and easy to understand.
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